• Design galleries completed

    Now the galleries are finally up-to-date and complete. I added the years 2005 and 2004. There is some odd early jobs already on 2003, but of those I don't have any decent photo material available anymore.

    Of 2005 I remember the best the time working with The Alchemist. We rehearsed in this tiny garage, six persons squeezed into space of approximate three by three meters. Finally some three days before the premiere we moved to the actual stage in Espoo Cultural Center. Suddenly there was somewhat 14 by 10 meters of playground. And very little time to make all the plans come true. I wouldn't have survived this in a life time if I hadn't had the WysiWyg software by Cast Software. That allowed me to pin down the absolutely exact positions for my fifty-odd profiles and everything else. Days were long, nonetheless. But the performance turned out absolutely gorgeous and dream-like. I should have done my thesis on that, but somehow I didn't. Well, too late to be sorry now.

    The Alchemist was by far the biggest undertaking of that year. Big efforts were also spent in trying to arrange residency in Thailand. Elsewhere I did some designs for contemporary dance, mainly with Favela Vera Ortiz, whose illustrative approach to choreography never ceases to entertain me. Nice person to work with, indeed.

    2004 was mainly university studies and projects for me, but I did also engage for the first time with Dance Theater Raatikko in Vantaa. This turned out to be a long and fruitful collaboration.

    Light design 2005

    Light design 2004

    The Alchemist - oasis

  • Light 2006

    Light design 2006 is now online!

    2006 was a very interesting year. I spent the first half of it in Bangkok, Thailand, in residency at Patravadi Theater. The theater was situated just across the river from the Royal palace and was very active in international collaboration and educating the young performers. In these circumstances I got to know American LD Chris Parry with whom we created design to the new likay-musical of Patravadi. (Likay is a traditional Thai way of performing.) Nowadays Patravadi theater has relocated to Hua Hin, where they continue their active work.

    In Finland I worked together with the amazing people of dance Theater Raatikko. We brought to premiere a new dance performance for children, based on the novels of well-known author Mauri Kunnas. Such a delightful project involving ghosts, goblins, witches and vampires.

    Later on 2006 I relocated to Basel, Switzerland, where I still am, ever since. The last new production of this year took place in Oslo, Norway - a contemporary dance piece for Monica Emilie Herstad.

    It was a good year... See the artistic results:


  • Additional design / gallery 2007

    I put some new  photos to the Light design 2007. This a design for a contemporary dance performance called "Pictures at an exhibition".

  • Re-configured calendar

    The first attempt to integrate calendar to my site was way too loud in layout and buggy in script. So here is a new try-out. It looks more elegant and more consisting in style. Not many events in it yet, though =)


    You can also subscribe to RSS of this calendar:

    Calendar RRS

  • Moving images

    I decided to embed some moving imagery to my site. Check out some videos for bigNOTWENDIGKEIT productions

    Turn the page / Videos


    Keep On Searching For A Heart Of Gold / Video.

    I also added a new menu item called "In the Media" for easier navigation. Under this drop-down I collected all the reviews and videos I have published by now.

    I hope you like it.

  • Biography with links

    My biography is now updated with all the corresponding links to various instances, so you can have a bit better idea of with whom I've been involved. It still remains to be a mile long list of boring stuff =).

    More user friendly version can be downloaded from Google Docs with following link: Minna's Biography as .pdf

  • Yet more new stuff!

    Light designs of year 2008 are now online. Enjoy!

    Light design 2008

  • Light design 2009

    Light designs of 2009 are now online!!


    Light design 2009

  • New photo gallery

    New sets of photos for light design projects on 2010.

    Light design 2010

    Some reviews added for designs of 2011 and 2012

    Etude review (auf Deutsch)


    On the Kitchen table:

    Helsingin Uutiset Article (in Finnish)

    Helsingin Sanomat Review (in Finnish)

    Kansan Uutiset Review (in Finnish)

    Skenet Review (in Finnish)


  • Lots of updates!

    New material on several categories! Check out:

    Light design 2012

    Light design 2011

    Now also a calendar module with some events is integrated to the site.


  • New site open!

    Hello everybody!

    I would like to present my new site. I hope you like it!

    I'd like to hear what you think about it!

    Best wishes, Minna