• Finland, here I come!

    I just booked myself flights to Finland for Easter. So, I'm coming up for ten days over the Easter. I'm looking forward to meet all my long-time-no-see friends! Wuhuu!!!

  • New design project!

    I've engaged with a new theater production which will take place in upcoming April in Therwil, Baselland, CH. It is a project of Freies Theater Therwil and will be performed at a local venue Mehrzweckhalle Therwil. The play is written by Austrian author Ödön von Horwath in 1930's and it's called:

    Faith, Hope and Charity : A Little Dance of Death in Five Acts

    Direction: Dalit Bloch

    This is a story of Elisabeth, a young woman with serious financial problems. She tries to overcome these by selling her future corpse already while still living. She finds out fast that this is illegal, but the a worker at the anatomical institute feels sorry for her and lends her the money anyway. Turns out that Elisabeth already got the necessary amount of money from somebody else and she is therefore judged as a scam artist. She swears that she intended to return the borrowed money to all parties as soon as possible and meant to scam nobody, but people don't really believe her. Her epic-love relationship with ambitious young police officer comes to an abrupt end when he finds out about her mischievousness. Devastated and loss of solutions, the penniless Elisabeth chooses suicide to escape the situation.

    Original time frame of the play is the 1930's, a time when poverty, abuse of the social power, economical crisis and corruption were part of everyday life. Director Dalit Bloch sees throughout parallels to present time and wants to encourage the spectator's recognition of this, therefore the place and time of adaptation is abstract. The dialog of the play remains in it's old form in the hope that by choosing this approach, it is possible to dissolve the distance the audience might feel. Modern set design together with old fashioned speech builds a bridge from the old days to present day.

    Premiere on 12th of April @ 20:00. Dates for the further eight shows can be found in my calendar.