• New touring plans

    I'm happy to announce couple of new touring plans for this year.

    In early June I will be traveling to Norway with Boris Nikitin's production "Imitation of Life". It will be performed on Stamsund International Theater Festival on Lofoten. I'm really looking forward to this, since I've never been on Lofoten before. Quite a remarkable destination, I've heard.

    This production will also most likely be shown at Theater Rampe in Stuttgart in late November this year.

    Another new thing which seems to be bubbling just under the surface is a theater piece called "Selam Habibi" by Volksbühne Basel. This adaptation of the classical Romeo&Juliet was performed during last month in Basel. Somehow, quite accidentally, I managed to get involved with them as set designer for the upcoming tour version of the play. No actual dates are announced yet, but the hopes are flying high. So, let's see where it lands =).

    Further information will appear on the my event calendar later on, stay tuned!