Inspiration - Aesthetics


For a long time I was solely all for conventional light sources only. Par 64's used to be my all-time favorites. I've always liked the quality of light that halogen bulbs emit. Softness and warmth, which can still be converted to clinical and cold.

Nowadays I admit the functionality and usefullness of other kind of light fixtures also, because you can create very interesting combinations with mixing different qualities of light. At the moment I'm actually very curious about the possibility of creating a light design using only "no color" -light but choosing different types and creating different "colors" that way.

I also find interesting the possibility of using "unconventional" light sources. -Using onstage light sources that were meant to be somewhere else, perhaps like lights used in industry and military and so on.  

On the other hand, there is the question of the shadow. To me shadows are as, or maybe more, important as the light. Without shadows you wouldn't perceive the brightness so clearly because you're missing the contrast. And in the shadow you can load much more subtle information than one would ever suspect.

Good ole Par64's